TPM’S Elaine Hendrix teams with ALDF for new Anti-Puppy Mill PSA – Stages & Cages

The Pet Matchmaker’s Elaine Hendrix has teamed with the Animal Legal Defense Fund for a new public service announcement to end puppy mills once and for all.

Puppy Mills are essentially factories for breeding dogs at an over-accelerated rate. Dogs receive no medical care, no human handling, never touch grass and are killed once they can no longer produce any offspring. The female dogs are impregnated over and over so as to give birth as many puppies as possible, which are then shipped out to pet stores all across the country to be sold at a grossly inflated price.

The myth is that bad, unhealthy dogs come from shelters while good, healthy dogs come from breeders and pet stores. The opposite couldn’t be more true. Due to the overbreeding, puppy mill dogs frequently have severe health and behavioral problems. Many cities within the US have banned the sale of animals at stores for this very reason.

Please WATCH • LEARN • DONATE to this important cause. Man’s best friend deserves so much more from us.

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