Here at The Pet Matchmaker, we’re always on the lookout for great new pet or animal related goods and services. This is where you’ll find the cool, the fun, the hip and the happening pet stuff from around the web!

Here’s what we found for September:

Betta Fish Shower Curtain


Deny Designs offers cool products featuring snazzy designs from inventive artists. This fish by Valentina Ramos is just fabulous and a must-have for any aquatic lover or Pisces! Find it here, for $89.

Tracerz for Blind Dogs


Everyone knows that a dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times more sensitive than any human’s, so these pre-scented location markers are a great way to help blind dogs learn to navigate their environment safely. Find them here, $19.95 for small pack, $39.95 for large.

Litter One Litter Box


Speaking of smell, cat owners seem to be an endless search for a litter box that doesn’t scream ‘Cats in the House!’  The Litter One Box is the eco-friendly answer. It’s odorless, 100% self-contained, biodegradable, recyclable, disposable and can last a feline 4 to 6 weeks. Sounds pretty good to me! Find it here, for $24.95



Horses get bored in stalls, (who wouldn’t, standing around all day?!) This Playstation for equines attempts to relieve some of that frustration by keeping them entertained. Shatterproof mirror. “Mirror on the wall….” Mounting hardware included. 28” x 20” x 8.5”. Find it here, for $89.95

Safari 3-D Cookie Cutter


When is a cookie more than a cookie? When it’s a 3-D! elephant, hippo, lion or giraffe. Perfect for keeping you and the kids amused and away from the TV. Find them here, for $12 per animal.