Here at The Pet Matchmaker, we’re always on the lookout for great new pet or animal related goods and services. This is where you’ll find the cool, the fun, the hip and the happening pet stuff from around the web!
This month is all about eating and sleeping. So check out some of the great stuff we’ve found for October…

Four Paw Pet Bowls


Dylan Kendall is an independent animal rescuer and ceramicist who has combined her two loves in these adorable feeding bowls for cats and dogs. Available in different sizes, $1 of each bowl sold is donated towards helping animals in need.  Pre-order in time for Christmas! Prices start at $25 including shipping. You can find them here.

Rosie Bunny Bean Beds

A selection of cool, funky beds for cats, dogs, kids, or whoever fancies a soft place to lay their head. And what Anglophile could resist the Leopard Skin Union Jack?! Prices start at $80. You can find them here.

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

This colorful modular set-up is perfect for fancy mice and dwarf hamsters with a love of design and burrowing.  Easy to clean, easy to assemble and more interesting on the eyes than the average jail cage.
Available online only, for $36.99.  You can find it here.

Hand-painted Dancing Sheep Side Plate


British artist James Ward creates delightful hand-drawn illustrations on porcelain side plates. Featuring a variety of animals, including bears, badgers, foxes, sloths, and of course, sheep – these plates are simply a must-have for anyone with a sense of humor and penchant for cake. You can find it here, for $55.

Energy Pyramid Cat Home


You don’t have to believe in pyramid power to give your cat/rabbit/ferret/tiny dog this geometric pad in which to re-charge. Made of 100% recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based inks, it’s also cosmically cooler for the environment. And easily wiped clean! Comes flat-packed and quick to assemble, here, for $32.