Here at The Pet Matchmaker, we’re always on the lookout for great new pet or animal related goods and services.  In this new feature, we’ll regularly share 5 of our favorites. So, in no particular order, here goes…

For the “jet set” pet: 2013-04-19_favorite-fives_april_01_bag

This a topnotch travel carrier for your pet companion, Motor Trend Universal Sport Bag Pet Carrier at Petco for $119.99 Get funky with this airline-approved, padded carrier made with hypo-allergenic materials. Just the thing for pets on the go!

Who doesn’t love animal stories?

2013-04-19_favorite-fives_april_02_bookWe found this gem on Amazon, for $11.16.  Unlikely Friendships, is filled with inspiring stories of unusual buddies. If a bear and a cat can get along, why can’t we?! You’ll love it!

Super Cool T-Shirt:

2013-04-19_favorite-fives_april_03_teeMake a statement with this shirt, inspired by Otis, an old chihuahua plucked from the shelter on his last day. This shirt tells the world you promote love and rescue!  Available from The T-Shirt Whore $24.97 – $27.97


Why go smooth, when you can go gnarly?

2013-04-19_favorite-fives_april_04_perchBirds need to exercise their feet and this can help keep their toes, tip-top. MAC’s Creatures & Critters Natural Wood Perches for Birds – only $5.99 at Petsmart!

Just for grins:

2013-04-19_favorite-fives_april_05_hedgehogsHedgehogs purr when they’re happy, and this set of four stoneware measuring cups will certainly make you smile! These adorable Measuring Hedgies are at Anthropologie for $36.


Check back soon for another more Fav 5’s. We search the web so you don’t have to!