[messagbox]Here at The Pet Matchmaker, we’re always on the lookout for great new pet or animal related goods and services. This is where you’ll find the cool, the fun, the hip and the happening pet stuff from around the web! [/messagebox]

Here’s what we found for July:


Recycled Glass Bee Nightlight

Guide yourself in the dark with this pretty recycled glass nightlight. Remember, if the bees go, we go!
$38 at Uncommon Goods.



Cottontail Cottage for Rabbits (and cats!)

Indoor rabbits like to play and need stimulation.  Let them have fun with this chew-safe cottage.
It has two levels so they can jump up and down, in and out, or simply lounge like a rockstar on the roof. $18.99 at Cats and Rabbits and More.


Upcycled iMac Pet Bed

Even if you’re a staunch PC user, you’ve gotta admit that the creator of these has a bit of the ol’  ‘Think Different’ thing going on! Good for him. The more we recycle, the better for the environment.  And it’s fun to go retro. $129 at Etsy.


Breed Retreat by Frederick Roije

Chickens appreciate design, too!  Well, maybe not. But hey, if you (and your bank account) can handle it, this stylish coop is a must-have. $5975 at


Protect My Pet Window Clings – Set of 2

Don’t take it for granted that someone knows to rescue your pets in an emergency.  Say it loud and clear with these window clings! Profits from this site also go towards helping animals.
$5.95 at  The Animal Rescue Site.