Here’s The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five for January, 2014:

Dog Treadmill


The Holiday season is notorious for weight gain. And not just for humans. All those turkey and ham table scraps add up and can easily turn Mr Tiggs into Mr Biggs. In fact, keeping a dog slim is one of the most important things you can do for their health. So if you’re too lazy to exercise yourself, you can at least make sure they work off some calories while watching TV! Just one of The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five.

$649.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer.


The Boskke Sky Planter


Maybe 2014 is the time to turn things upside down. Literally. Designer Patrick Morris has created planters that hold plants like this and use an internal reservoir to feed water. Printed with flying birds by artist Arran Gregory, these will definitely have you looking at life from a different angle.

Set of 3,  $76 at Fab.


Wag More, Bark Less Yoga T-shirt


Every New Year, we vow to eat less and exercise more. But this delightful ‘Downward Dog’ yoga tee reminds us to ‘Laugh More, Frown Less’ too. Good advice, since it’s thought that kids laugh around 300 times a day, whilst adults chuckle only 20. So start stretching, and stop stressing! Also available in black. Perfect for The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five.

$28 at Wag More Bark Less.


Woodland Twilight LED Night Lights


Who doesn’t love a walk in the woods at night. In the dark. With strange animals around… Only, you’ve nothing to worry about with these porcelain woodland critters, who are simply around to light your way. Will appeal to both kids and adults with a soft spot for hedgehogs and squirrels.

$12 each at Urban Outfitters.



The Petball House


Petball is a funky modern pet house for cats and small dogs that also doubles as a side table! Originating in Korea, it’s currently available in Cutty Pink and Luxury White, and you can choose from a variety of cushion colors. Oh, and the top (also available in different colors) has LED lighting for a little extra pizazz. Enough out of the ordinary to make The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five.

$220/230 at Petball.




What cool pet ideas! Lovelovelove the PetBall houses! How funky are those?! Still, gotta give the doggie treadmills the win. Best.Pet.Invention.Ever! So many benefits!

Many people don’t realize how much exercise their dog needs and then he or she can end up with some serious – and expensive! – health problems because of it. Understandably there are reasons people can’t take their dog outside as often as needed for various reasons:

Humans poor health or age
Or sometimes an aging or injured dog has difficulty getting outside.

Dog treadmills solves all these problems! And if you breakdown the cost over 2 years, one only costs about $1 per day… so it’s really not that expensive – especially when compared to the huge benefits.

Anyway… kinda went off on a tangent there! But looking forward to seeing more cool pet ideas that you find :)