With the Holidays coming, brains are being racked for the perfect gift for pet lovers. So here’s our Favorite Five plus an extra Fabulous Five to give you some ideas.

TPM’s Favorite Five – December 2013

Jellyfish Tank


This fabulous desktop tank is simply a Must-Have for any marine life lover looking for a unique, hypnotic pet. It comes with everything you need and once set up, you order the live jellyfish for overnight shipping. $386 at Jelly Fish Art. Easy to see how it made it to our Favorite Five – December 2013.


Tiny Confessions


Yes, this is definitely what my bulldog thinks! If you’ve ever wondered what your pet is pondering when it’s staring at you blankly, you can find out in this fun book, Tiny Confessions, by Christopher Rozzi. $11.31, at Amazon.


DropCam HD WI-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera


C’mon, you know you’re just itching to see if the mice play whilst the cat’s away. Maybe the dogs engage in a dramatic game of chess. Or not. Still, if you’re curious, or worry what your pets get up to when you’re not around, this camera is a great way to keep a watchful eye. And a great gift for someone who appreciate gadgetry over socks. $149.99 at Amazon. A great edition to TPM’s Favorite Five – December 2013.


Shark Socks

2013-12-08_favorite-fives_december_04_shark-socksWell, talking of socks, they are the favorite default Holiday gift. So you might as well make it interesting if you choose that route. Or at least amuse yourself in the buying. At least these are perfect for Jaws fans. $9 at Uncommon Goods.

Pink Critter Cruiser


Why should dogs and cats have all the fun? Now gerbils and hamsters can unleash their inner racing demons and exercise at the same time. The wheel is adjustable allowing your pet to exercise in the stationary position or roll across a flat surface. Beep! Beep! Measures 6 x 12 x 9 inches. $17.99 at


Accoutrements Big Head Squirrel Feeder


Some may think this is cute, and some may think it’s mean, but hey, it’s funny and they probably don’t care how they look so long as they get some food. Let’s face it, the Holidays aren’t complete without a little humiliation. $14.99 at Amazon.  One of the best Favorite Five – December 2013!


Pak-o-bird Stainless Steel Mesh Bird Carrier


We’re all familiar with cat and dog carriers but if you’re a bird lover looking to take your pet to the vet or simply out and about in style without looking like a crazy person, these cool back packs are designed specifically for friends of the feather variety. Not cheap, but coolness comes at a price. Available in different sizes. Prices start at $161.95 at Amazon.


Footed PJs


Here’s a Favorite Five – December 2013 item you can share with your furry friend. Yes, you can buy matching Holiday PJs for all the family, including the cat and dog. Quite simply, O.M.G! $39.99 for adult, $19.99 for pet at Footed Pajamas.


Pancake Pets


It can be tough traveling without your pet. Or maybe you simply get withdrawals over lunch. Problem solved with a custom-made flat pet that’s ready and willing to go any time, any place, any where! Just send in a good photo of your pet and they do the rest…. $50 and up, at


Winking Cat Print


Artist and animal lover, Kelly Puissegur makes the coolest, kinda strange, kinda funny pieces that are guaranteed to make you smile or scratch your head. Wonderful stuff and the prfect unique gift this Holiday season. $20 at Etsy.