Here at The Pet Matchmaker, we’re always on the lookout for great new pet or animal related goods and services. This is where you’ll find the cool, the fun, the hip and the happening pet stuff from around the web!

Here’s what we found for August:

Safari Wallpaper Animals:


You certainly don’t have to be a child to appreciate the beautiful hand-made, vintage wall-paper animals by Inke. Unique with just a touch of whimsy, they can bring style to any room. Each one comes with ecological wall paste and a brush for easy application! Prices vary. The lion is around $75 and can be found here.


Gulort Cushion Covers:

Throw cushions are a staple of every home, and it’s good to change them up once in a while! This owl cushion cover is just delightful, and features a different design on the back – so you can mix and match without spending more cash! $4 at your local Ikea store, (not available online).


Tingatinga Paintings:

We love this style of painting established in Tanzania by the artist Edward Tingatinga. Today many artists are inspired by it to create colorful works of many different sizes and complexity. Prices vary but The Tinga Tinga Arts Co-Op in Tanzania is offering simple 12×12 sizes (like this one by artist Rashidi Rubini) for only $80 including postage to the US. You can find them here.


Blown Glass Pigs:

These little piggies serve no purpose other than to bring joy upon seeing their fun glass-blown bellies on a daily basis. A Must for every porcine lover and a cute gift for everyone else. Handmade in Germany by glass artisan, Reinhard Herzog, you’ll find these for $16.95 from the Animal Rescue Site.


Puppy Poop Lamp:


And last, but not least, if you really want a conversation piece for your home, this lamp by UK artist Whatshisname, is the one! Guaranteed to raise smiles or outrage, depending on your sense of humor. Certainly, many may laugh at the price of $1700! You can order one here.