The Pet Matchmaker Podcast Episode 5

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This is a fun, feisty and furry podcast hosted by award-winning actress and animal advocate Elaine Hendrix and her good friend, Dr. Antonio Brown. Joining Elaine and Tony will be a kennel-full of celebrity friends, fellow pet lovers and animal experts.


The Pet Matchmaker Podcast Episode 5: March 17, 2015

Hosted by Elaine Hendrix with Dr. Antonio Brown and Wade Denes

Sarah Kidd, president Carroll County Humane Society, celebrity pet lover, Randall Honey Badger.


Adult beverage recipes

2015-03-17_podcast_episode_05_02_cocktail   2015-03-17_podcast_episode_05_03_cocktail

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Stupid Pet Joke: 



Bonus Material: 
Why is Wade dancing?! Listen to The Pet Matchmaker Podcast and find out!


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