Thanksgiving & 20th anniversary of being a vegetarian! Stages & Cages

This Thursday marks my 20th anniversary of being a vegetarian, and now a vegan. It’s an honor I hold dear because it has taken effort and discipline. Has it always been easy? No, but it’s not exactly been “hard” either. Now more than ever it’s easier to live a humane life, and THAT is certainly what I am grateful for this holiday and every day.

I first became a vegetarian when my boyfriend at the time and I decided to practice yoga. It was part of the Kundalini practice and we wanted to experience it as authentically as possible. Later, when I became an animal activist, I adopted a vegan lifestyle, which meant I stopped using any animal products and made sure my household was a cruelty-free one. Then over the past few years I adopted a vegan diet to match my beliefs, so that I can say my words and my actions are congruent. I haven’t looked back since.

More than 45 MILLION turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving and another 22 MILLION for Christmas. They live in hell-like conditions and are treated brutally. Please consider adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Not only will you be saving a life, but you will be living a healthier one too.


RESOURCES to assist your humane transition:
Farm Sanctuary (
Mercy for Animals (

PRODUCTS to buy for a humane holiday:
Tofurkey (
Gardein (

WATCH what is happening to turkeys:

As a bonus: GET OUT AND GIVE! The Pet Matchmaker and friends will be at the WATTS PROJECT ( in South Los Angeles feeding homeless people and pets. If you are in the area, please join us. If you aren’t, please start an event like it in your area. All the details will be in an upcoming Stages and Cages Blog.


From The Pet Matchmaker Family to you and yours – have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for your support, and more importantly for your support of animals everywhere. THANK YOU!