Welcome to my blog page, Stages and Cages!

This is where you’ll find me talking about my sometimes crazy life. From the soundstage to the animal shelter to life with my own rescue pets, you can read about it all here.

I’ve loved animals all my life and am a passionate animal advocate. But, I’m also a busy actress and, yeah I do know some pretty famous people personally.
Some of them have gotten their rescue pets through me and the shelters I often work with. Some of them will probably pop up in my blog…?
Or maybe we’ll interview them for Celebrity Pet Lovers. Anyway, if you like reading about Hollywood AND you love pets? Stages and Cages is a good place to be.

I gotta warn you, as The Pet Matchmaker, I have some strong opinions about how and why you should get a pet. I have some hard rules and they’ll all be covered in Stages and Cages. But, I’m also Southern. So, I do know you catch more flies with honey. (Though I very much believe you should leave the poor fly alone!)
Anyway, I promise to always try and make Stages and Cages a fun and inspiring place to be. Me and my time want to inspire and celebrate the rescue, foster and adoption of homeless pets everywhere! Let’s be part of the solution, mmkay? I promise… you won’t regret it!
You’ll find the full collection of Stages and Cages below. You can leaf through them all. The latest one should always be on top. Simple, right?

Thanks for coming and visit often!

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