The Pet Matchmaker knows that – just like people – every pet is different. And just because a pet has special needs doesn’t mean they can’t live a happy, fulfilling life and bring joy to their friends and family. (Just like people!) Something Special Pets is a series dedicated to celebrating special needs pets and the people who love and care for them. Be inspired to adopt a pet with disabilities!

A Special Needs Bulldog, Beth Edwards & Milo

Beth & Her Special Needs Bulldogs Beth Edwards has always had a big heart. During her years as a behavioral therapist in NY, she worked with special needs children, among others. After raising two children of her own, she is now an ER technician and behavioral therapist in NJ. Beth is still [...]

Blind and Deaf Dog, Gus the Wonder Pup! Something Special Pets

If you think a blind and deaf dog can’t live a fulfilled life: meet Gus! “He runs at the park, plays with other dogs, and loves to be carried around like a baby,” says pet parent Alana Little. “He relies more on smell, taste and touch. It’s funny how he perks right [...]

Something Special Pets – The Delight of Duncan Lou

In this installment, we take a look at Duncan Lou, the amazing two-legged Boxer. If you’re one of the millions of people who watched Duncan Lou’s first trip to the beach, you know just how special this special needs dog is! If you missed it, then your day is about to get a whole lot […]

Something Special Pets – My Name is Lentil

Lentil the French Bulldog was born with a cleft palate. Unable to eat or drink normally, he would have died. Thankfully, at just two days old, he was rescued by French Bulldog Rescue Network. Lindsay Condefer of Street Tails Animal Rescue  agreed to foster. Sadly Lentil’s sister, born [...]

Something Special Pets – Chris P Bacon

  In our first installment, Nikki Carvey talks to Len Lucero – guardian of the inimitable, piggredible – Chris P Bacon. Len Lucero: I’m a vet and work at an animal hospital. A lady came in with a 1 day-old piglet that she wanted euthanized because of deformed back legs. But he had a [...]

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