Something Special Pets, Turbo Roo, 2-Legged Chihuahua!


Born with just two back legs, little Chihuahua Turbo Roo was given up to Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis at just four weeks old. Vet tech Ashley Looper took him home to care for him and promptly fell in love. So she adopted him! Now, Turbo Roo has friends from all over the world, and runs around in a 3-D printed cart!


Turbo Roo the day he was surrendered to the vet.

Looper made his first wheels from a tiny helicopter toy in the office lobby. But he had to be pushed. “We wanted to get him up and moving before he was six months-old. However, commercial companies don’t make them before that age. Then I went to Lowes and tried copper wiring but it was too flimsy.” After starting an online campaign to raise money for a cart, Looper was contacted by Mark Dewrick from design company 3Dyn. “He offered to donate a cart and created it from a photo of Turbo Roo on Instagram. It took just four hours to print!”


Turbo Roo’s first cart, made of toy parts.

The first cart fit Turbo with a little padding and he has since had several 3-D carts printed to adjust to his growth. His daily care is much the same as any other dog, except there is more focus on physical therapy. Says Looper, “Dogs bear 75% weight on their front legs so it’s important to build up his back legs. We put him in the bathtub to swim and get him to stand up and sit down. I love the cart but he also needs to be able to stand upright if he needs to get water or something.”


Turbo Roo’s custom, 3-D printed cart.

Named after the animated snail in the Dreamworks film, Turbo, who overcame obstacles, and a kangaroo – “because I used to carry him around in my scrub pockets” – Turbo Roo is quite the personality. He seems to take living with two legs in his stride. “When he gets up in the morning, he hops himself out of bed, goes over to his pee pad, goes back to bed and waits until I’m ready to go to work. He comes with me and gets tons of attention through the day.”

Turbo Roo Slideshow:

You can follow Turbo Roo on Instagram and his Facebook page. Turbo Roo now gets attention from thousands of fans. Looper’s goal is to inspire and help others.

Proof yet again that Special Needs Pets have something truly special to offer. 

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