Sled Dog Action Coalition, Margery Glickman, All-Star Animal Advocates


Margery Glickman is the founder and director of The Sled Dog Action Coalition. Margery’s goal in creating it is to improve the lives of Iditarod sled dogs and providing truthful information about their treatment. Her single minded devotion to advocating for sled dogs makes her one of The Pet Matchmaker’s All-Star Animal Advocates.

Margery graciously responded to The Pet Matchmaker’s All-Star Animal Advocates questionnaire.

TPM: What inspired you to start advocating on behalf of Iditarod sled dogs?

Margery Glickman of The Sled Dog Action Coalition

In Alaska, I saw hundreds of sled dogs living in their own feces at the end of four-foot chains. Many of the dogs looked emaciated. Several had skin sores. Some dogs drank water with rust flakes from rusty cans, and some had no water at all. Dogs were hooked up to training wheels and forced to run interminable laps with no way to stop when they were sick or tired.

What is the best part of the advocacy work you do?

I’m happy when people join us in helping Iditarod dogs after reading the facts about the atrocious treatment the sled dogs receive.

What is the most challenging part of the advocacy work you do?

I find any type of “clerical work” boring, tedious and tiring. It’s a challenge for me to get myself to do it.

What is one of the biggest misconception about your advocacy work?

Some people think that the organization I formed, the Sled Dog Action Coalition, profits from advocating against the Iditarod. The truth is that the Sled Dog Action Coalition doesn’t accept or solicit donations and neither do I. I pay all the costs myself.

Two dogs yelling at each other. They were not biting.

Two dogs yelling at each other. They were not biting.

What is one of the greatest memories you have advocating on behalf of Iditarod dogs?

One of my greatest memories is when Cabela’s decided to end its Iditarod involvement. They had sponsored the race, several mushers and the Outdoor Life Network’s yearly Iditarod broadcast.

How do you keep your emotional/mental/physical strength doing the advocacy work you do?

I have always found great inspiration listening to Gloria Estefan sing “Reach.” My husband helps in writing and editing some of my material.


What do you think is one of the most effective ways to advocate for animals and to protect them from harm?

It’s important for animal protection activists to be truthful and persistent. We should convey our information using as many platforms as possible.

Thinking of your advocacy against the Iditarod, who do you admire most in the world, and what is it about them that you admire?

I greatly admire Ashley Keith. She’s been involved in sled dog sports for over 17 years. She worked as a dog handler for Iditarod mushers, including one race champion. Ashley persistently tried to stop these Iditarod mushers from killing their unwanted dogs. She is now a strong voice against the Iditarod, and she rescues and rehabilitates sled dogs.

What is the best way to directly help you do the work you’re doing?

Please help Iditarod dogs by educating people about the suffering they’re forced to endure.

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