Resident Evil Revelations 2 Alex Wesker Fan Contest – Stages and Cages

These are some of the descriptions I use for what I do, how I live my life:

My day job is acting and my night job is animal rescue.

I make my living as an actress. I make my life as an animal activist.

I work as an actress, and I also have a non-profit working with animals.

I’ve been making a living as an actress for almost 20 years now, and I have been devoting every extra penny and minute to animals for just over 10. It’s a good balance and I’m always grateful when the work I do helps my cause.

Right now is one of those fantastic moments when one of my acting gigs is particularly popular. I’m doing everything I can to promote it in hopes that it helps draw attention to the plight of animals. It’s kind of ironic it would show up as a violent video game known as “Resident Evil Revelations 2.” I’ll take whatever I can get!


I have a few hard and fast rules about my work/advocacy life. For example, I won’t wear fur for any reason. I’ve lost jobs because of it, and I’m only happy to for such a reason. I request all the make-up and hair products used on me to be cruelty-free. That’s usually an easy ask to fulfill. And when I found out I was doing a video game, I made a simple request that my character didn’t kill animals.

I’m not sure if they heeded my request or if sparing our fellow furry, feathered and finned earth mates were already part of the Resident Evil franchise. But my very evil character keeps her killing pure – humans only. (I say that tongue in cheek of course.)

I didn’t even know which game I was doing when I got the job. It was super top secret. I just showed up to all these sketches and all these Japanese developers examining every minute move I made. It was a trip. The process of motion capture is a long and intense one, fun and involved for sure. I definitely want to do more.

It was only recently that I learned about the fate of the woman I gave life to. (It took TWO whole years ago.) I started getting messages asking me if I was in the new “Resident Evil Revelations 2” game. I was like, WHAT?! Then I saw the pictures. I guess I was. How cool!

So, now, I’m fully “out” in the world as Resident Evil’s ‘Alex Wesker’, the Overseer of fear. I’m busy poisoning people with an infectious virus with the intention of wiping out the entire human race (but not animals.) Except for those my dear brother Albert and I spare (like animals.)

On this note, I have started a Resident Evil Revelations 2 contest for original fan art of my character ‘Alex Wesker.’ Details are below. Please join if you are a fan of games… and animals! (Don’t miss the slide show below. Shows some behind-the-scenes of motion capture.)



Resident Evil Revelations 2 Fan Contest Details