The Pros & Cons of Pugs

The Pet Matchmaker, loves all breeds of dogs, as well as all their mixes. (See our piece on mutts.) But, TPM’s Nikki Carvey has a special place in her heart for pugs. Here, she shares what she knows about this wonderful little dog.

The Pros and Cons of Elfin Aliens – aka Pugs!!


Pro: Pugs are excellent family pets because they’re equal opportunity lovers! Kids, cat, dogs, you name it, they’ll BFF it!

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Con: Pugs Shed. Then shed more. Don’t enjoy dog hair as an added clothing accessory? Don’t get a pug. Wherever you go, there hair’ll be!

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Pro: Pugs are funny. With their expressive faces and snorty ways, they’re guaranteed to make you smile. If not, you probably need to see a therapist.

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Con: Pugs like to eat. Many don’t know when to stop. So, if you don’t know how to say, ‘No’ to bug-eyed manipulation, say, ‘No’ to a pug.

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Pro: Pugs love company. They love to be with you and will make you feel all warm and tingly inside. Youwill become very devoted to your pug.

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Con: Pugs love company. They will follow you everywhere. Even to the bathroom. Which could end in tears.


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Pro: Most pugs are low exercise. Couch potatoes won’t have to worry about running 5 miles a day to keep the dog happy. You can play dress-up instead.

2014-05-28_pros-and-cons_pugs_07Photo from Made in the Shade.

Con: Pugs have a tendency to get fat. They may prefer to sleep and eat but they still need exercise. A fat pug is not funny. This pug, however, is!

2014-05-28_pros-and-cons_pugs_08Photo from Dog Shaming.

Pro: Pugs are generally adaptable to new situations. They’re curious and make great traveling buddies.


Con: Pugs can have many health problems. From over-heating to bad teeth, breathing to brain issues – pugs need people who need healthy bank accounts.


Pro & Con: And last but not least, pugs SNORE! This will either be music to your ears or make you want to run screaming for the hills. 

Pugs are wonderful dogs but they need dedication and care. Do your research! For more information on pugs, check out Vet Street.  If you are still interested, find your local Pug Rescue!

To see more of Nikki and her rescue pugs and other rescue dogs, don’t miss her regular series, Diary of a Dog Rescuer.

Remember, Adopt. Don’t Shop.

Nikki says:

Thanks so much! Glad you both liked reading this. I enjoyed writing it :)

audrey says:

I love pugs and I love Nikki. She is my favorite pet blogger in the world

Jennifer says:

What a fabulous article on the pros and cons of pugs. I adore pugs and loved reading this. Thank you.