Pros and Cons of Pet Rabbits

Compared to dogs and even cats, house rabbits are considered relatively low maintenance and can be great family pets. They’re wonderful creatures who can be sweet and affectionate. But, as all pets, they do require daily care, cleaning, exercise and can live up 10 -12 years. So, be sure you want to commit before adopting a house rabbit.

Joy: Pet rabbits are just so cute, fluffy and adorable.


Pain:  Well, maybe not all. (Thankfully, this poor little guy’s hair grew in eventually)


Joy: There’s a reason why we say ‘Snuggle Bunny’.  House rabbits can be great cuddlers. Humans, puppies, chicks – you name it, they’ll snuggle it.


Pain: Some pet rabbits are not exactly lap bunnies. Make sure the size and temperament is suitable for your home and family. This is a real rabbit breed called The Flemish Giant.


This, however, is not a rabbit.


Joy: House rabbits are clean, intelligent and can be litter box trained. Some people think of them as like a cat without the superior attitude.


Pain: Pet rabbits chew! If kept as an inside pet, your home needs to be bunny-proofed to make it safe for them and your heart-rate. Carpets, chairs, skirting boards, chairs, out-dated computers – they are an equal opportunity chewer.


Joy: It’s not just cats you can put stuff on


Pain: Long-haired bunnies may look extra cute as babies, but they require extra grooming and maintenance. It takes a lot of work to get a house rabbit to look this, uh, good.


Joy: Rabbits are sociable animals. They love interaction and It can often better to get two so they can be BFFS. But they must be spayed or neutered because pet rabbits breed like, well… rabbits.

Pain: Contrary to popular belief, rabbits cannot survive on carrots. And definitely not cookies. They are natural vegans and their diet needs to include good quality pellets, fresh hay and vegetables. The wrong foods can lead to sickness and death.


Joy: House rabbits are funny, playful and many form close bonds with their family. Some are naturally loving, and can even make good therapy pets.


Pain: Some pet rabbits are naturally grumpy. So don’t even think about picking them up. They need homes that are gentle and sensitive to their needs. Often, homes with really young children are not the best fit.


Joy: Pet rabbits need exercise. They like to hop and play. Happy rabbits do happy dances called Bunny Binkies. Some even enjoy agility.


Pain: Pet rabbits need exercise. You may not have to walk it like a dog but they do need to run around every day. Some people think fat animals are cute, but an overweight rabbit is not a happy or healthy bunny.


Joy: Pet rabbits are just wonderfully entertaining. Some even take selfies.


Ultimately, pet rabbits are quiet, like routine, often don’t like being picked up, and, as prey animals, get spooked easily.As with any pet, it’s important to do your research to make sure a rabbit will match your lifestyle. And, as always — Adopt Don’t Shop!

For more information, check out these sites or a rabbit rescue near you: