The Pros & Cons of Labradors

You’ve probably already seen the movie Marley & Me.  In case you missed it and are thinking of getting a Labrador, here’s a few insights into America’s most popular breed.

Pro: Labradors look like this when puppies. Emotional manipulation perfected.

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Con: Labs are considered puppies until around 3-4 years old. And guess what comes with puppies? Chewing!


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Pro: Labradors are sweet and happy dogs. Guaranteed to make you smile, they love to play in the snow and run at the beach.

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They are also patient.

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Con: Did we mention they can be destructive? There goes that smile off your face.

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Pro: Labs are intelligent and easily trained. They love to play fetch. Some will even bring you a beer.

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Con: They shed. And shed. It may just drive you crazy as you run from your home screaming, ‘Furminator!’. Or not.

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Pro: Labradors are very friendly and love everyone. Including elephants.

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Con: Labs like to eat. A lot. Many don’t know when to stop so they are prone to obesity.

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Pro: Second to eating, Labs love to swim and have lots of energy. If there’s water nearby, they’ll find it. Whoo-Hoo!

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Con: They love to swim and have lots of energy. If you’re a couch potato, just say, ‘No’. Unless you want the house eaten as you sit there.




Ultimately, Labradors can make wonderful pets for an active family. Known for being good with kids, fun and loyal, they will love you for life.

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For information on whether a Lab is a good fit for you, do your research.

If you’ve decided a Labrador Retriever is for you, remember Adopt! Don’t Shop!

Look to your local shelters, or find a Labrador Rescue near you.