The Pros & Cons of Hairless Pets

Often people see hairless pets as a low maintenance answer to shedding and allergies. Not so fast. Most hairless pets do, in fact, have some hair, and you better think (think!) before rushing out to get one. Check out these pros and cons of breeds like Sphynx cats, Peruvian Incas, Xoloitzcuintlis and Chinese Crested dogs.


Let’s face it. The Sphynx Cat is the closest thing you’ll get to an extra terrestrial.

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You’ll come down to earth with a bump if you’re expecting cheap ‘n’ cheerful. Hairless varieties need more maintenance than an average dog or cat – including high quality food, and frequent baths/cleaning. Sphynx cats are prone to greasiness, and hairless dogs to acne. Nice.

2014-07-19_pros-and-cons_hairless-pets_02photo from: Sphynx & Rex.


 A Chinese Crested dog is the closest thing you’ll get to My Little Pony.

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Or Giselle Bundchen.



But when they’re ugly… Damn!

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Hairless dogs and cats are generally known for being affectionate and emotional.

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Isn’t ’emotional’ a euphemism for ‘neurotic’? These are not the kind of pets who like to be left alone. Unless you want one that’s destructive and barks a lot. The word, ‘Velcro’ comes to mind.

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They are family orientated and generally suited to apartment life. But small dogs like the Chinese Crested have small bladders so it can take longer to house train. And don’t expect them to clean up after themselves.

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Even if these dogs are chill inside, they are intelligent and still need exercise. So don’t dream of hanging out on the couch all day.

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Hairless pets are wonderfully exotic and eye-catching.

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I mean does this Hairless Guinea Pig (aka Skinny Pig) look like a baby hippo or what?!

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Who could resist these beautiful eyes?!

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Nobody wants to look at a hairless fat cat. Even if it’s meditating for World Peace. Be careful not to overfeed.

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Hairless pets have warm bodies so are great cuddlers. But they may not always choose to snuggle you.

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Hairless animals are sensitive to the sun, cold, rain, snow, chemicals and hard surfaces. So, you may have to give up your bed.

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You now have an excuse to bring out your inner stylist and dress them up in some snazzy outfits. Like this…

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Or this…

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Even this…

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Hairless pets are unique and may inspire the artist in you.

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Hairless pets are unique and unfortunately sometimes inspire cruel idiots too. This is NOT ok!!


As with any pet, if you are thinking of getting a hairless variety, do your research!! Find a breed specific rescue. (Here are two examples: Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue. Rescue Me! Sphynx Rescue on Facebook.)

Adopt Don’t Shop!


Paula Silva says:

Love this post, I do not have a pet due to the fact that I work in a factory 8 hours a day plus the hour for meals and the half hours for the way to and fro that makes 10 hours at least and I think it’s cruel to leave an animal alone in the for so long specially after my cat ‘fluffy’ disappeared from home a year ago.