Press and Promotions, Stages and Cages


With the launch of my new show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” (shameless plug: Thursdays at 10pm on FX), my schedule this summer has been, as the kids call it, “off the chain.” We finished the 10-episode season just before the holidays last December 2014, and have spent most of the year in a holding pattern waiting for its premiere, which was July 16th, 2015. It’s been a little maddening not being able to work on acting projects as much as I would like, but it gave me time to focus on my animal work – until it was time to shift into my Hollywood work again, and gear up for press and promotions, which started at the beginning of the summer.


Once the network got the machine rolling, it became a whirlwind. I’ve been to Austin, Nashville, Bonnaroo, San Antonio, San Diego Comic Con, New York – twice, and did tons of stuff in Los Angeles as well as through technology. All within three months. Every second of it has been awesome. Exhausting, but awesome. It’s definitely what every actor dreams of, and to have my dream come true is something else.


The part I like best (besides having a car take me everywhere, and a hair/make-up stylist team) is the fact I get to talk about animals everywhere I go. I was wondering what the press would do about my activism, and turns out – they not only embraced it, they pursued it. I can’t remember one interview where it didn’t come up as a question. And that is what every activist dreams of (other than to have their issue abolished) – to have their cause in the spotlight.


Below is a growing list of some of my press highlights during this whole crazy time. Some are videos and some are articles, but they all share my love of my art and my passion. Thank you for joining me along the way. I appreciate your support, because if you’re supporting me – you’re supporting animals.