The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five for May, 2014

Here’s Our Favorite Five for May 2014

Icarus Light by Tord Boontje


One word. Wow. Ok, maybe a few more. This feathery delight is just beautiful and I love it. (Note, the “feathers” are of polyester – cruelty free!) $112 at


Wee Mouse Tin House


This is a DIY kit and it’s just the cutest thing! Why not make one with your kids. Every child deserves to go to school with a mouse in a house! And if you don’t have kids, hey – you can make one for me! Each is only $6 on


Dog Shaming by Pascale Lemire


You’ve all seen the photos on the internet. Pets looking guilty after eating poop or various household items. Whatever they’ve done, (or maybe you did it and just blamed it on the dog,) this amusing compilation is guaranteed to make you smile. $9.99 to $12.03 on Amazon.




If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist but need a Muse, maybe it’s time to turn to your dog. Literally. With names like Rescue Red and Beagle Blue, you can safely bring out your inner Da Vinci with the spray on, wash off, PetPaints. Fun for the family – and possibly the dog. Just $4.99 at Petsmart.


Milano-Pet Bed (White)

Immagini 394

It’s rare than true design makes its way into the pet bedding market. But there’s no doubt that this limited edition piece is one of them. Simple and modern, it’s a super swanky delight – if you can afford it.  $2485 at

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