The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five – March, 2014

Here’s The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five for March, 2014:

Personalized ‘Love Me, Love My…’ Pillow


Well, we’ve all said it, ‘Love me, love my dog’. So why not put it out on the sofa for all to see? We just love these dog pillows that can be personalized with breed and name. And who knows?  Maybe if you ask nicely, they’ll do one for your cat, too! $53, and shipped from in the UK.


Paradise Knots n Blocks


Birds get bored. This colorful multi-layered, multi-colored hanging thingamajig, is designed to entertain and encourage them to climb, chew and play for beak and foot exercise. You may have to wear sunglasses when you look at it, but it’s popular with our feathered friends. We found this on for $16.99.


Animal Gift Wrap


Etsy is just full of wonderful, creative products for pet lovers. Like this adorable handmade gift wrap at the store lepetitpot. I mean, can you really resist? You know you want it. Ideal for kids and adults who need a smile more than a birthday. Get it from Etsy for $8.75. Ships from Spain.


Bowhaus Crate


When is a dog/cat crate not a crate? When it doubles as a stylish end table. Made of powder-coated steel these certainly don’t come cheap. But hey, you’ll be able to save $12.99 on the throw you usually buy to cover an ugly wire crate! For small dogs and cats. We found this at for $599.99.


Sprout Cat Tree


It’s common to hear people talking about cat trees. But usually they’re of the carpet, not leaf variety! Made from wood, a dried dragon-wood tree and silk leaves for the ‘alive’ look, cats seem naturally drawn to it. This adorable 36″ Sprout comes with a choice of perch and is ideal for smaller spaces. But all sizes of trees are available! From for $179.

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