The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five, June 2014

 There may be some June gloom in the air, but not here! Check out our latest Fab Favorite Five.

Original Sock Dogs (and Cats, Rabbits, etc.)


Finding a truly special gift for a pet owner can be sometimes be frustrating. Not any more! Now you can have a wonderfully unique sock replica of your pet, handmade by artist Stacey Hsu. Created from all new materials including a sock (quelle surprise) cloth, buttons, fiberfill, and embroidery floss, the pets stand about 12-15″ high and come with a personalized tag. Quite simply adorable! $104 at


Modkat Litter Box


Tired of that unsightly and unfashionable cat litter box in the corner of the room? Time for an upgrade! You can be kitty-friendly and cool with this award winning design. Easy to clean, reduces tracking, and easy on the eyes. Meooowser! $180 at Modko.


Suck UK 3D Ice Mold


Summer’s coming, so time to get the pool parties going and drinks flowing! Rum punch or orange smoothies – both adults and kids can have fun scaring guests with these shark shaped ice molds. Just don’t go in the water! $11.47 at Amazon.


Collar and Leash ‘Rescued Me’ Collection by Jill Rappaport.


The ‘Rescued Me’ Collection by Jill Rappaport features colorful collars, leashes, and harnesses to benefit animals in need. Other sayings include, ‘Rescued Me’ ‘Opt to Adopt’ ‘I’m a Pound Hound’ and, of course, ‘I’m a Heart Melter From a Shelter’. These are just wonderful and a Must-Have for your adopted cat or dog! From $9.50 at Gramercy Lane.




It’s heartbreaking when a loved pet passes. Many of us get them cremated and keep the ashes by our beds. But I love the idea of this 100% cotton biodegradable Bio-Urn. Mixing your pet’s ashes with the tree seedlings, (26 to choose from including Peach Blossom and Azalea,) it will grow into a beautiful lasting reminder. Also available are hand crafted sand and Himalayan salt urns for those wishing to release their pets to the sea. From $159 at My Eternal Family Tree.

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