The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five, July, 2014

Summer is here but you can stay cool with July’s hot picks!


Easy Rider DogstarTee


Ok, so a real mutt on a motorbike is not recommended, but you can still feel freewheelin’ by wearing this Easy Rider Dogstartee. Started by two Atlanta artists, the focus of their designs is to express the bond between dog and owner. They also give a percentage to rescue! What’s better than looking good and helping animals?! Another must-have design to make you smile is Lend a Hand! Available for both Men and Women. $25 at

Hydra Pendant Lamp


Inspired by freshwater jellyfish, this lamp is just beautifully ethereal. One of four designs by Roxy Russell, what else is there to say but, “I want one.” It’s yours for $450 at

Kyjen Life Jacket


Recently I watched one of my bulldog rescues run into the ocean thinking he was a Lab. It was a reminder that certain dogs are terrible swimmers. Particularly the brachycephalic breeds. So, if your dog is more of a land couch lover, than a sea urchin, it’s wise to have them put on a life jacket when around water. Just in case $18.13 on Amazon.

Sleeping Grizzly Bear Beanbag Chair


I thought this was real! Who wouldn’t want a grizzly sleeping in their living room? You can sit on it, cuddle it or impress your friends with your superior chicdom. You just need a couple hundred dollars to spare in order to do so! $203 on Etsy. Ships from Hong Kong.

Glass Confetti Hummingbird Feeder


A friend recently had a Hummingbird nest just outside her window and it was wonderful to see these amazing little birds up close. They love color, so what better way to attract them than with this handmade confetti feeder? Way more interesting than your average dull plastic thingy. Only $40 at

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