The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five, February 2014

Here’s The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five for February, 2014:

Yes, it’s February! Which means our Favorite Five is all about Love. (And profit if you’re cynical.) Either way, here’s The Pet Matchmaker’s coolest buys for this month.

Cat Pajamas


If you really think your girlfriend is the cat’s pajamas and she’s a feline lover, why not romance her with a soft pair of, uh, cat pajamas?! After all, it’s a great excuse to snuggle up during the winter. Available from Acorn for $37.95


Love You Mouse


Who says every girl prefers flowers? You don’t even have to be a rodent lover to have your heart touched by this adorable handmade felt Valentine mouse. Irresistibly cute. (Give it along with the cat pajamas for a double whammy.) Available from The House of Mouse on Etsy for $41.56. 


AeroBull Speaker

While some dog-loving men will appreciate handmade chocolates or a dozen roses for Valentines day, most would probably prefer this super slick, high definition Aerobull Speaker for iPhones and iPods. Come to think of it, so would I! Yours for ONLY $1560! Available from Fancy.




Monty Python Talking Dead Parrot Keychain


Can’t afford the speaker but want to make an impact on Valentines Day? Make him laugh and impress him with your knowledge of classic British comedy by gifting this cheap ‘n’ cheerful Monty Python Dead Parrot talking keychain. Includes such memorable phases as ‘This is an ex-parrot’ and ‘It’s bleeding demised!’ For $6.50 from Baron Bob. 


Sweetheart Be Mine Dog Hat


You don’t have to own a pug to put a dog in a hat — but it helps! Guaranteed to warm the cockles of any dog lover’s heart, this handmade hat is just the cutest. You may even be able or order a matching one! Available for $18 from Sweethoots on Etsy.

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