The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five – April, 2014

Here’s The Pet Matchmaker’s Favorite Five for April 2014:

Zombie Bunny Lolly Pops


Ok, it’s Easter so out come the bunnies. Instead of buying a real one on a whim, why not treat a loved one to a pack of 4 tasty zombie rabbits? Irresistible, right? (See TPM’s Rabbits Are NOT Good Easter Gifts.)  You’ll find them at for only $8.99.


Eglu Go Hutch


Spring is here and when the weather is right, a good ol’ frolic in the sun is fun. So, for those who like to let their guinea pigs and rabbits outside safely, here’s a way to add some modern color to the mix. The Eglu Go Hutch is 100% recyclable and easy to clean. $399.99 at


Glow in Dark Ball


It doesn’t look like much in the daylight – dull is the word that comes to mind. But once night comes around, this glow in the dark ball is a fun toy to have. No longer will you be able to use darkness as an excuse to get out of playing fetch! From Chuckit on for $6.88.


Lord of the Wings Bird House


Designed to bring out your inner elf, this cute Hobbitish house is made for a variety of birds and is a must for any Tolkien birder. Or any bird loving soul looking to add a bit of wooden quaintness to their yard. From, for $156.


Hot Doll


Trust the French to come up with this! I am not encouraging you to buy (unless veterinary approved!) But hey, when you forget that it’s a sex toy for dogs, it’s actually rather interesting. Definitely a favorite – if only to remind oneself of the crazy things people think up! At for $235. ($235?!)

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