Online Auction, Diary of a Dog Rescuer

The Stress of an Online Auction

I’ve heard it’s hard out there for a pimp. Okay, so rescue isn’t exactly synonymous with the sex trade, but we certainly know a thing or two about hustling. On the surface, of course it’s about saving dogs and everything that entails.  Behind that, however, as with any Business/ Charity/Pimpdom, it’s all about the benjamins!

Rescuing animals is expensive! Large charities have departments dedicated to high end donors. They know they have to spend money to make money. Parties are thrown and millions of dollars spent on advertising.

Same with me.

Only without the parties or millions! In between vet appointments, picking up poop and — well — more vet appointments, one is constantly figuring out how to market, fundraise and shmooze. Which, if you’ve met many people in rescue, tends not to be their strong point. I mean, not everyone wants to talk about anal glands over dinner.  But, eventually, you have to get over the crazy cat lady within (even if you’re a dog person) and get creative. This is surprisingly hard work!!

Cute but dastardly PJs that caused sleepless nights:


I think the most stressed I’ve been lately is doing an online auction. In good ol’ duckin’ n’ divin’ fashion, I ordered some French Bulldog PJs from England – only I listed the sizes wrong converting from UK to US.

Not to mention nothing will raise your blood pressure quicker than staring at a huge mound of shiny winner goods that need to be mailed.  Except, maybe, expressing anal glands.

Still, in spite of myself, the auction was a success thanks to people’s commitment to buying another set of salt n pepper shakers in order to support me being able to continue to rescue faces like this…



And this…


I mean, how could they not?!!