1. German Shepherds are smart.

One of the reasons we love German Shepherd is that they are smart. Crazy smart. Sometimes, I half expect to come downstairs and find Ursa drinking my coffee and reading the paper. There is a reason GSD’s (German Shepherd Dogs) are used as police dogs and bomb sniffing dogs and service jobs of all kinds. They can learn almost anything. (As long as it doesn’t take thumbs to do it.)

2. German Shepherds are loyal.

We love German Shepherds because they bond with their family as strongly as any dog can. A rescued German Shepherd is usually not only loyal but grateful. (See “crazy smart” above.) German Shepherds will literally take a bullet for their companions. And still, they are affectionate and playful.

3. German Shepherds are great watch dogs.

GSD’s are perimeter sensitive, meaning they’re highly aware of their surroundings. You can be in a studio apartment or a vast estate. We love German Shepherds because they will learn their boundaries and defend them. For as long as we’ve had Ursa, we haven’t needed a doorbell. Ursa alerts us that someone is near, long before they can ring the bell. I have to believe she’s better than any burglar alarm, since nobody is afraid of getting bitten by a burglar alarm.

4. German Shepherds don’t need a lot of baths.

We love German Shepherds’ coats! The coat of a GSD is an amazing bit of nature. Whatever they get into seems to slide right off. Though Ursa loves a romp in the mud, a quick rinse with the hose and she’s fairly well presentable. (Our standard poodle, on the other hand is more like “dirt velcro”; everything sticks to him long enough to bring it in the house.) If you’re looking for a big dog that doesn’t need a lot of grooming, a German Shepherd is a good choice. (Unless you can’t deal with shedding. GSD’s are epic shedders.)

Ursa being beautiful.

Ursa being beautiful.

5. German Shepherds are gorgeous.

Of course, this is subjective, since beauty is in the eye of beholder. But, who can behold a GSD and not think she’s beautiful? I’d call them downright majestic. We love German Shepherds because they get so many compliments! There isn’t a single day that somebody doesn’t tell us that our dog is lovely to look at. (I’m never sure how to answer. Thank you? It’s not like I had much to do with her good looks!)

Our rescued German Shepherd is probably not the dog I would have chosen; truth be told, I think she chose us. But I’m so glad she did! For eight years she’s been a great challenge and a great reward. Thanks, Universe.

Of course, there are countless other reasons we love German Shepherds. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section.

For more information on rescuing and adopting your own GSD, please visit American German Shepherd Rescue Association; or contact your local shelters and rescues.


There are other breeds in this series: Beagles; Pit Bulls; Cocker Spaniels.



Originally published January 17, 2014

Mary Vogt says:

I have known many GSDs throughout my life and have fond memories of all of them, quirky as they could be. They are awesome dogs. And beautiful.

Gerie M says:

It sounds like Ursa is to teflon as your poodle is to velcro! :)

Nora Lynch Nora Lynch says:

Exactly! She does get stinky, though…

Gloria Perkins says:

They are really good with kids, I find. Our GDS is protective of our toddler and his new baby brother, too. We were worried that he wouldn’t accept the babies, but that wasn’t a problem AT ALL!

Nora Lynch Nora Lynch says:

We don’t have kids, but Ursa is awfully sweet to our neighbor’s kids. She surprises them because she looks so ferocious. Thanks for sharing!

Diane says:

They love to talk. Not mindless yapping or barking at strangers but the talking like they have had a hard day. I also love how they always circle back to me on walks. And there is no cuter puppies.

Nora Lynch Nora Lynch says:

You are so right! Ursa has many different barks that let us know exactly what’s what. And as puppies… divine! Thanks for sharing.