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One of the benefits to living in Los Angeles, CA is that there is always something fun and exciting happening. Below are three such happenings and I’m so grateful (and honored) to be a part of each of them:

National Museum of Animals & Society

National Animal Rights Day

Give Me Shelter


I will be co-hosting THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ANIMALS & SOCIETY’S 1st Annual Gala. The Co-Chair, Ellen Lavinthal was a guest on The Pet Matchmaker Podcast Episode 15, discussing the gala and the future of the museum. I’m particularly excited about this because the museum is a world-class institution expanding and centralizing its presence so more people can learn about relations between humans and non-human animals. It’s another great honor to be on their honorary board.


I participated and MC’d THE NATIONAL ANIMAL RIGHTS DAY in Santa Monica, CA. Over 200 amazing animal advocates gathered to perform a powerful and moving ceremony for the billions of animals who suffer and die every year at the hands of humans. It’s founder, Alyam Orian was also on our Episode 15 podcast. and I was able to record comments from some of the event’s attendees for this week’s podcast, Episode 16.

It was unbelievably powerful and I hope more cities come aboard to do it next year. This was its 5th year and was held in 8 cities throughout North America. Animals who had passed from unnatural and inhumane causes were held as well as pictures of other animals suffering on a daily basis. I encourage anyone and everyone to look at the pictures in the slideshow below. Visit their website and join the revolution.


Photos by David Sobel


My friend Katie Cleary, another Podcast guest  from Episode 4, and founder of PEACE 4 ANIMALS created a beautiful documentary about the plight of animals in the world and the people who are doing everything they can to help them. It’s called GIVE ME SHELTER and it is now available on NETFLIX!


You can watch it other popular streaming platforms such as Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and more. I’m honored to say I’m in it and I encourage you to PLEASE WATCH!