Forever Home Needed for Clarissa – Stages and Cages

I’ve done a lot of work with the wonderful organization, Pets 90210. Today, I’m using my blog to help find a forever home for one of their rescue dogs, Clarissa.

Clarissa was in a Los Angeles City shelter desperately needing treatment for an infection in her ears. Pets 90210 pulled her from the shelter, got her ears cleaned up and The Pet Matchmaker placed her with a loving foster home. Now she needs her FOREVER home. Could it be you…?

Here’s what I know about Clarissa: she’s super sweet. She loves humans and her playtime. She’s very good with other dogs and children, too. Cats? Not so much… She enjoys car rides and is very good at the vet’s office. Her foster parents are working with her on basic commands. She’ll need more training from her forever home, but she really loves being a “good girl”!

Are you the perfect match and forever home for Clarissa? If you think so, you can contact Bill Crowe at, or contact The Pet Matchmaker at

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of this wonderful girl!


How can you resist this face?



Bill Crowe, Executive Director of The Pet Care Foundation pulls Clarissa from the shelter.



Clarissa with the vet who fixed her ears.



 Clarissa on leash ready to go home with her foster mom.



 Life is better, and only going to get better still, once she finds her forever home. 



Clarissa in the garden.


Even if you can’t offer Clarissa forever home, please share this with your friends and family on your social media – especially folks in the L.A. area.  Thanks!

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