Favorite Five March 2015 from The Pet Matchmaker

A new month is here, which means it’s time for my Favorite Five March 2015. Every month, we search the web for the best stuff for pets and the pet parents who love them.

Quinzee™ Insulated Dog Coat


The month of March sees the end of winter. But for much of the country, it’s still a cold one! So, the first item in my Fave 5 is this great insulated dog coat. The Quinzee™ is a warm, lightweight insulated jacket that packs down easily into its own pocket! Easy to use buckles make putting it on and taking it off a breeze. This great jacket offers warmth during and in between winter activities. About $85 at RuffWear.com.


Thing-ama-string Cat Toy


Wow. This one I’d buy for the name alone! Everybody knows how cats love to chase string. Well, this toy takes that to another level. The bright colored string appears, waves wildly, then disappears. Just hang it on a door, and watch the fun begin. This won Cat Fancy’s Editor’s choice award for best toy. We found this one at our friends, DrsFosterandSmith.com for around $26. My rescue cats are gonna love it!


The Original Chuckit™ Ball Launcher


If you’ve got a rescue dog who loves to play fetch and you don’t have one of these yet? Well, you’re not doing it right! The best tool for throwing balls as far as possible, the Chuckit™ provides fun and exercise for your dog. We found one at Target.com for around $8. Replacement balls are available, too. (They have ones that whistle… can’t wait to get one of those for Ellie!)


The Bee House


If you’ve been paying attention to the plight of bees, then you know how important it is that we cultivate safe havens for them. That’s why I’m including this Bee House for my Favorite Five March 2015. This handcrafted and environmentally friendly beehive is designed to imitate the natural wood preferred by the Mason Bee — a non-aggressive bee and terrific pollinator! The Bee House provides bees with a safe for their larvae and helps protect the endangered bee population. $55 at UncommonGoods.com


Custom Pet Pillows


Ever feel like snuggling up with your favorite pet, only to find your pet isn’t that into it? Well, here’s the perfect solution! These custom pet pillows are created from photos YOU provide of YOUR pet. (I guess you could use a picture of somebody else’s pet, but that would be kinda creepy.)  Another great find at UncommonGoods.com for $145.


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