Favorite Five Holiday Edition 2014

Tis the season of giving and receiving – which means the pet lover in your life is probably on your shopping list. Or you’re the pet lover on somebody else’s shopping list and maybe they need a hint. That’s where my Favorite Five Holiday Edition 2014 can come in.

Because it’s the shoppiest time of the year, we’ve DOUBLED the Fave5 for the Holidays. So, there are 10 fantastically fun animal/pet related goodies on my list.


Favorite Five, Holiday Edition 2014

  • Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar


Phew! What’s NOT to like about this calendar? My two favorite things in one. Better than peanut butter & jelly! Don’t miss our feature on Audrey and Carolyn – the geniuses behind this oh-so-simple and oh-so-smart concept. You can buy the calendar on Amazon for under $9.


  • Hand Painted Bunny Mug


This mug just makes me hoppy! Rabbits are the third most popular pets behind dogs and cats in the U.S.A. So, if there’s a bunny lover on your list, they’d probably love to enjoy their morning coffee in this beautiful mug! It’s by MadamePomme on Artfire for $55, plus shipping.


  • Dog and Cat Blue Prints


These “pet specs” are designed to look like old-school blue prints. The architect is one “I.M. Paws.” They come in various forms, from pillows to wall art. Tons of breeds are represented as well as the “Mutt Blue Print” (My favorite!) You can get them at UncommonGoods starting at $85.


  • Super Cute Cat Stockings


I hope somebody who has ME on their list is looking at these cat pantyhose! The front are adorable kittens and the backs are sassy tails. You’ll be the star of the moment coming or going. Just $4 from Amazon.


  • Luna Hummingbird Feeder


Connection to the wildlife around us is a great stress reliever. Imagine how calm you’ll feel sitting by your window watching lovely hummingbirds feeding out of this gorgeous feeder.  Another great find at UncommonGoods for $76.


  • Humanga Stache

2014-12-04_favorite-fives_december_06_humanga-stacheThe Favorite Five Holiday Edition 2014 wouldn’t be complete with something really funny – and this just cracks me up. I found this for around $14 at MoodyPet.


  • DJ Cat Scratch Pad

2014-12-04_favorite-fives_december_07_cat-scratchpadTalk about “Cat Scratch Fever”… Another funny pet toy from ASPCA for $39.


  • Cruelty Free Necklace


This bunny necklace is a great way to show your commitment to cruelty free living. LeapingBunny.org is a great resource to find out what cosmetic companies do and don’t test on animals. This lovely necklace comes from Christy Robinson Designs for just $20.


  • Set of 6 Mahogany Wood Napkin Rings 

2014-12-04_favorite-fives_december_09_ringsThese handcrafted napkin rings come from Kenya in a fair trade agreement with local artisans. Set your table being mindful that we share the earth with all sorts of marvelous beings! From Gifts With Humanity for $29.


  • Harry Barker Gift Buckets


Last, but not at all least, are these fantastic gift buckets from our friends at Harry Barker. These buckets can be personalized or not and filled with dog toys, or not. Empty buckets are just $10 and go up from there. At HarryBarker.

That’s it for my Favorite Five Holiday Edition 2014! If you didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can check out all of The Pet Matchmaker’s #Fave5’s here.

Happy Holidays from The Pet Matchmaker!