Favorite Five April 2015 From The Pet Matchmaker

Spring has sprung! Which means it’s time for a brand new Favorite Five April 2015! It’s no secret how much I love my pets. So, it’s fun for me to find the best, most fun and coolest stuff on the web to share with The Pet Matchmaker community.

Favorite Five April 2015

Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bowl from Lixit



With the weather starting to warm up, it’s important to remember dogs process heat differently than we do. They are much more prone to dehydration than their human companions. That’s why I LOVE this item. It carries 160z of water in the water bottle. The fold out “bowl” makes it easy for your rescue dog to get the water she needs. And super easy to store and carry. And the price? I found this for only $5.95 at ValleyVet.com. No excuse not to have H-2-0 on that long walk.

Voltron Cat Condo



Coolest. Cat. Tower. Ever. Sure, you can get some 2×4’s and cover them with carpet. OR you can buy this totally awesome, totally goofy Voltron Cat Condo. It’s almost 6 feet tall and has fleece covered play tunnels your rescue cats will love! We found this one at ThinkGeek.com for around $190.

Stylish Panda Nails



How fun is this?! Fun enough to make it to the Favorite Five April 2015! Hope my manicurist can figure out how to do these panda nails! I came across this idea at StylishandTrendy.com. While you can’t buy them, there’s a very cool video tutorial that shows you the steps to do this. So, call a friend and have some super fun girl fun together.

Prevue Rabbit Hutch



Got rabbits? Here’s a great product! This hutch gives your rescue rabbit a safe and secure home. The open floor plan connects to a nesting box where your bunny can find privacy and quiet. The rabbit hutch is elevated from the ground with a ramp that folds down to give your rabbit easy access. We found this line at DrsFosterandSmith.com starting at $99.

Dog Toy Box



I love this handmade dog toy box – so much I had to include it for our Favorite Five April 2015. Dogs love their toys – but finding a good place to keep them can be a challenge. With this wonderful piece, that problem is solved! I found this one from CollegeViewCrafts on Etsy for $45. (You can have it customized! Oh, and they make one for cats, too!)

Well, that’s it for our Favorite Five April, 2015. If you’re still looking for something special, you can check our all of our Fave5’s here. AND, if you’ve got a great animal/pet related product you think I should know about, please use our contact page.