Diary of a Dog Rescuer, Pretty Boots & Snoring Dogs

Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten human language. My vocabulary reduced to ‘Tsst’  ‘No!’ ‘Good Poopy!!’ and various high pitched squeaky noises to elicit that perfect head tilt happy pic. Instead of the sound of another’s laughter or erudite dinner conversation, I hear whining dogs, farting dogs, snoring dogs, and my own laughter. Well, farting dogs are funny!

It’s my own fault. Rescue can be consuming. It’s easy to get caught up and check out on other parts of life. For Christmas I treated myself to a pair of Alexander McQueen boots (cheap on Ebay!) because their fabulousness simply could not be denied. Oh what joy it was to know I still had style and taste. The usual look being sweats and slobber. Now it’s upgraded to sweats, slobber and slick boots!

dog rescuer

Oh, You Pretty Things!

It’s a reminder that although I rescue dogs, I’m not just a ‘dog rescuer’. I certainly don’t go around wearing Crazy Dog Lady’ t–tshirts, drink from a ‘World’s Best Dog Mom’ mug (probably because I’m not) or dust around shelves full of dog trinkets. Ok, I do have a chrome ceramic bulldog on one shelf. But that’s because a real life bulldog broke it, thus disabling its gift function for the true ‘World’s Best Dog Mom’.

Labels in any form can be limiting. Besides, anyone in rescue pretty much wears their crazy for all to see. So who needs a t-shirt?! That said, I would like to point out I am at the low end of the scale. Almost normal, in fact. And human. Now I just have to find another human to engage in witty banter.  Because Huxley certainly ain’t up for it…

You’ll find Nikki (and Huxley) on her Facebook page, Road Dogs & Rescue.