Celebrity Pet Lovers Q&A – David Faustino


Welcome to TPM’s Celebrity Pet Lovers Q&A. We reach out to the stars who love their rescue pets and ask them 10 questions. Turns out, big stars aren’t very different than the rest of us when it comes to loving their cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, horses, and whatever. And of course, the best thing about animals is — to your pet, YOU’RE the star!

In this installment, TPM talks to actor David Faustino, best known for his hilarious portrayal as Bud Bundy on the long-running FOX series, “Married with Children”.


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Today, David Faustino is a busy actor, guest-starring on shows like “Modern Family” and HBO’s “Entourage”. He also does extensive voice acting in animation. What you may not know is that David has always been an enthusiastic animal lover. David lives with three dogs who he counts as members of his extended family.

TPM: Why did you choose your particular pets?

David Faustino:

I’m especially a dog lover. I have three dogs. The first one I chose because I was headed to a charity dinner to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. It’s called the “Race to Erase MS.” One of the items was this little, 8-week old chocolate lab that they had this model walking around with. When they put the puppy in my arms I was like, “oh my gosh.” There were thousands of people at the dinner, so I had to outbid everybody to get the dog. But he was well worth it.

The other dog I got is a little lap dog. That’s the one Elaine [The Pet Matchmaker] helped me get. She is a chi min pin mix and I got her because I always grew up with lap dogs. I just felt that I wanted a little dog that I could take places with me like on set and elsewhere. And that’s exactly what I ended up with.

The third dog is a pit bull/lab mix. They have a lot of energy. This one is only one-year old now. We got her from “Much Love Animal Rescue,” the foundation. Actually I was trying to impress my girlfriend who I just started dating at the time. I was there and again they just put the dog in my arms and of course I’m a sucker for dogs anyway and I said “Oh yeah, I’ll take this one!” This one’s been the most work of any dog I’ve ever had. She really challenged me heavily but I stayed with it and I’m glad I did. She ended up being a really great dog.

TPM: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

I would absolutely be a dog, there’s no question. I’d be a dog because I’m a sucker for cuddling up with the family and our dog and watching a movie. You get all your needs met too. Although obviously you want to be a dog in the right country with the right family.

TPM: What has your pet taught you about life?:

They still teach me a lot about life, especially as my older dog ages. My oldest dog is thirteen and you have to learn a lot of patience and understanding dealing with a senior dog. There’s a lot of sadness about it too. They really give me a lot of joy, that’s the main thing. They’re a lot of work too but they give back so much.

TPM: What was your experience with animals growing up?

We always had animals when I was a kid. It seems that we were always picking up stray dogs that we found. We had this cabin in the mountains at Lake Arrowhead. And there always seemed to be dogs that would just show up that didn’t seem to belong to anybody. You’d start feeding them a little and next thing you know, they were just hanging out all the time. You’d let them in and they’d be sleeping there and before you know it, they were your dog. We had a few of those throughout my childhood who ended up being just great dogs. We had a little Shih Tzu lap dog named Punkin. We had a German Shepherd; we had whippets; we had all kinds of dogs. There are lots of people who just abandon dogs.


 TPM: What does your pet know about you that others may not?

Oh man, my pets know more about me than I know about myself! They’re always one step ahead of me. They’re feelers, they know every single mood. They know if you’re going to get angry, they know if you’re in a great mood. I would say that my dogs know me better than I know me. And they definitely know me better than I know anyone else. They see the best and the worst of me.

TPM: What’s your best experience with an animal?

My best experience was having dogs through the years. I had one main dog on “Married With Children” and we were great friends through all that time. The dog was a French Briard named “Buck.” I’ve worked with a lot of dogs. I’ve even been on sets with bears and a lot of different animals. But truthfully, my best experience has been picking a dog like my pit bull Bella. A dog who was that challenging and thinking that I might have to bring her back because I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle her. And being able to stick it through and coming out on the other side and ending up with a great pet. That to me was a really great experience. It’s been gratifying because there was a time when I didn’t think I was going to make it.

TPM: What’s your most challenging experience with an animal?

My pit bull mix is by far the most challenging. She’s done everything. She ripped out my sprinklers. She likes to scream at other dogs at the top of her lungs. She hunts. She likes to kill things that move. She likes to kill things like squirrels and flies, bugs and lizards – just anything that moves – shadows, reflections. We have a saying “she sees dead people.” We think she sees dead people because she’s always looking at something that no one else can see. She’s about one-year old, about 14-months. She’s very active.  She’s just starting to slow down a bit. She has so much personality, she’s hilarious, just a really fun dog. Where my other dogs are more cuddlers this one doesn’t like to snuggle.

TPM: What do you love most about your pet?

What I love most about my pets is that they all have their own individual personalities and we’re a great family. My girlfriend and I and my three dogs do a lot together. We go on afternoon hikes, we watch movies, we’re a family. And everybody on Sunset Boulevard knows me from my dogs. My dogs are staples of the Sunset Strip!


TPM: If you worked with animals, what job would you do?

I’ve been asking Elaine over the last week where she thinks I can get more involved. I’m still thinking about where I can help the most.

TPM: Is there a particular animal cause that you’re interested in, and if so, why?

Just now I’m starting to get more involved with charitable organizations. I donate to various causes and of course there are lots of worthwhile causes. I’m looking for a specific outlet and I think maybe it’s with dogs. I love them so much so why not work with something I love?


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Mary Vogt says:

David is awesome. Nice interview and what cute dogs!!

jan says:

This man really cares, he helped us in 2011

Gail M says:

What a great interview, David! The pictures are GREAT! Thank you for saving so many animals.

Georgette M says:

Thank you for all that you do for animals David Faustino. You have what appears to be a gloriously happy dog there. Her shiny coat shows how well you take care of her.

Gerie M says:

Wow, David, you’re already a role model for celebrities! I so wish more actors and athletes would speak up for animals – they’re in a position to make a big difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!