Blind and Deaf Dog, Gus the Wonder Pup! Something Special Pets

If you think a blind and deaf dog can’t live a fulfilled life: meet Gus! “He runs at the park, plays with other dogs, and loves to be carried around like a baby,” says pet parent Alana Little. “He relies more on smell, taste and touch. It’s funny how he perks right up when he smells me come into a room.”


Thought to be a Pug/Jack Russell mix, Gus was one of three blind and deaf siblings to turn up at the Oregon Humane Society – at different times.  With a couple of small dogs already, Alana and her husband, Richard, weren’t planning on a third but she would still periodically check out the shelter’s website. Gus caught her eye and they went to meet him. “He was curled up in a little ball and it was the saddest thing,” she recalls. So, they took him home.


Whilst friends were at first confused how the couple would interact and care for Gus, they were soon impressed at how quickly everyone adjusted. Including the dogs. “Coco likes to be chased when she plays,” says Alana. “However, she soon realized Gus was different and couldn’t do that. Now she wrestles with him instead.”

The joy of rescuing a blind and deaf dog like Gus comes from seeing his personality grow. Yes, he can be needy – “If he can’t find me, he’ll howl.” And a special needs dog does take time and commitment. Still, for Alana, having Gus has helped her grow, too. “I’ve learned a lot of patience. I don’t get so frustrated. And some of the greatest joy is from him – just how happy he is to be in a home!”

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And check out this video of Gus, a blind and deaf dog enjoying the park on a windy day!!

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