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Favorite Fives

Every month, The Pet Matchmaker brings you our Favorite Five. We find the best pet and animal related goods and services out there. We search the web so you don’t have to! View all posts.

Something Special Pets

The Pet Matchmaker knows that – just like people – every pet is different. And just because a pet has special needs doesn’t mean they can’t live a happy, fulfilling life and bring joy to their friends and family. (Just like people!) Something Special Pets is a series dedicated to celebrating special needs pets and the people who love and care for them. Be inspired to adopt a pet with disabilities! View all posts.

A Special Needs Bulldog, Beth Edwards & Milo

Beth & Her Special Needs Bulldogs Beth Edwards has always had a big heart. During her years as a behavioral therapist in NY, she worked with special needs children, among others. After raising two children of her own, she is now an ER technician and behavioral therapist in NJ. Beth is still [...]

Special Needs Dog Rousey, Something Special Pets

The Pet Matchmaker hopes you’ve seen our writeup on animal rescuer Sarah Kidd our Pet Rescue RockStars series here.  In fact Sarah stays busier helping needy cats and dogs than any reasonable human should be. But Sarah makes no claims of being “reasonable”. Thus begins the story of her [...]

Diary of a Dog Rescuer

Nikki Carvey is the head (and heart) of Road dogs and Rescue, a one-woman dog rescue operation in Los Angeles, CA. Lucky for us, she’s also a regular contributor and feature editor for The Pet Matchmaker. In this exclusive series, Nikki shares the ups and downs of rescuing and fostering homeless dogs. View all posts.

AllStar Animal Advocates

Welcome to All-Star Animal Advocates. While our mission is directed to homeless pets, we admire people in all corners of the animal rights movement. Here The Pet Matchmaker will seek out the best and the brightest in the world of animal advocacy to feature them and their works. View all posts.

Pet Rescue RockStars

Welcome to the bread & butter of The Pet Matchmaker. This series is dedicated to the everyday people out there doing the nitty gritty work of ending the tragedy of homeless pets. Whether it’s rescue, foster or adoption – or a combination of all three – these stories will move us all to do more. For TPM, these are our RockStars! View all posts.

Sky Valencia, TPM’s Pet Rescue RockStars

Sky Valencia is the founder of St. Martin’s Animal Foundation. Since 1999, St. Martin’s has been doing children’s outreach and education. The foundation seeks to change children’s outlook towards their environment and the animals they share it with. They work to inspire [...]

Nikki Carvey – Pet Rescue RockStars & TPM’s Own!

Welcome to Pet Rescue RockStars, TPM’s newest feature to celebrate people involved in pet rescue. We’re thrilled to have Nikki Carvey, of Road Dogs and Rescue as our first RockStar Rescuer. (And NOT just because she’s also our Features Editor and a regular contributor to TPM). [...]

Pros & Cons

Can’t decide on a type of homeless pet to adopt? Want to know more about the breed of homeless dog you’re considering? This section may help you decide. Here, we take a light hearted, but substantive look at some different types of dogs and other pets. We welcome your comments so you can help other people find the perfect homeless pet to adopt. View all posts.

The Pros & Cons of Pet Turtles

With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back on the scene, it’s a good time to look at having these reptiles as pets. Obviously, the first thing is to absolutely NOT take one from the wild. And here’s a few more Pros and Cons of pet turtles to give a little guidance. PRO Unlike a mouse [...]

The Pros & Cons of Hairless Pets

Often people see hairless pets as a low maintenance answer to shedding and allergies. Not so fast. Most hairless pets do, in fact, have some hair, and you better think (think!) before rushing out to get one. Check out these pros and cons of breeds like Sphynx cats, Peruvian Incas, [...]

Elaine’s Blog

Welcome to my blog page, Stages and Cages. This is where you’ll find me talking about my sometimes crazy life. From the soundstage to the animal shelter to life with my own rescue pets, you can read about it all here. See the latest news below.

All About Pets

A key part of our mission is having great information available for you. TPM covers all kinds of companion animals. We have lots of features on dogs and cats. But we also have items on more unusual pets, like stick bugs and chickens. TPM knows that everybody loves their companion animal. It doesn’t matter what species you have. The Pet Matchmaker will bring you all the information you need to: Plan for your pet. Search for your pet. Care for your pet their entire lives. If you’ve already got your purrrfect companion animal, we can still help. Your animal’s needs will change throughout her life. A puppy has different needs than a senior dog. A kitten likes different things than a cat. Even fish change as they age! TPM will offer you resources for every stage of your pet’s life.


So many majestic creatures roam the wilderness. It can be difficult to resist the urge to bring these animals into our homes. But it is crucial to our own health and safety and to the wildlife that we must enjoy them from a distance.

Dogs are the most popular pet type in the USA. “Man’s Best Friend” has wagged her tail into our hearts and homes. The Pet Matchmaker knows that your dog is a member of your family. We also believe that rescue dogs make the best pets. Visit your local shelter or dog rescue to find your perfect match!
Cats are the second most popular pet in the USA. The Pet Matchmaker understands that your cats are important members of your family. We love your cat almost as much as you do! We believe that the best cat is a rescue cat. Adopt your feline friend from your local shelter or rescue. You’ll never regret it!
Other Pets
Other Pets
Dogs and cats are great! But, if a dog or cat isn’t for you, there are other pets out there that might be a better match for you and your family. Bird, turtles, rabbits, hamsters - they all make wonderful pets. And whatever sort of pet you want, there’s a rescue organization that can help you! The Pet Matchmaker loves ALL pets.
An animal should never be taken from the wild! "Finding" an animal in its' natural habitat and deciding to make it a "pet" is cruel. Unless it's injured in someway, the kindest, most conscious thing to do is to admire her where she is. Because it's where she belongs. Get your smart phone out and take a picture or video! We call it "wildlife" for a reason!

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Guest Blog

The Pet Matchmaker loves to share blogs from other like-minded pet people. Here, you’ll find pet and animal lovers sharing their thoughts, recipes, causes and other stuff from around the web.

Celebrity Pet Lovers

Welcome to TPM’s Celebrity Pet Lovers Q&A. We reach out to the stars who love their rescue pets and ask them 10 questions. Turns out, big stars aren’t very different than the rest of us when it comes to loving their cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, horses, and whatever. And of course, the best thing about animals is — to your pet, YOU’RE the star!

Meatless Monday

The Pet Matchmaker likes to promote Meatless Monday by sharing vegetarian and vegan recipes most Mondays. Because eating less meat is good for you, good for the planet and certainly good for animals. Bon a petit!


The Pet Matchmaker is happy to share some fantastic cocktail recipes from master mixologist, (and friend of TPM) Antonio Brown. Originally shared on The Pet Matchmaker Podcast, these drinks are Elaine Hendrix tested – and approved. Cheers to Adult Beverages!


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